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Bloody Girl Gang

Branding + Illustration + Design


📷 : shot with Rolei 35 // KLICK PHOTO POINT MAX film

📷 : shot with Rolei 35 // KLICK PHOTO POINT MAX film


Bloody Girl Gang

My personal experience of being marginalized turned into a passion project. 

Bloody Girl Gang was born. 

Bloody Girl Gang does not seek forgiveness and will not bloody apologize. Born of life experiences familiar especially to women of color and those on the outside, this is art from the heart that is alive aware unfiltered and real. @BloodyGirlGang by Shawna Chan is a brand dedicated to being an illustrated voice for women's empowerment. Every piece is handcrafted, created with intent to inspire conversations around the movement we are in. Bloody Girl Gang values strength in community and supports the marginalized.

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Behind the scenes

Process video of illustration featured on @buzzfeedladylike