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Bloody Girl Gang Official Pin - Fuck Off

Bloody Girl Gang Official Pin - Fuck Off


Be an official member of the BLOODY GIRL GANG! 

The Bloody Girl Gang is a group of badass ladies who are raw, unfiltered and unapologetic for being themselves. Sounds like you? 

Menstruation is the only blood that’s not born from violence. Let’s bloody end shaming. Period. 🔴 Patriarchy can fuck off. My body is bloody mine and no one else. It's time to show everyone that you are proud to be JUST YOU!

+ Handmade Hard Enamel Cloisonné 
+ Pin measures 1.6" Height
+ Polished Rose Gold Metal
+ Supported with 2 nails on the back with metal backings
+ Includes a fully illustrated Member Welcome Card in clear protective sleeve
+ Illustrated by Shawna Chan

Package mailed in bubble protective envelope.

Very limited quantities.

Designs are © Shawna Chan 2017

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